The Poetry of Grizzly Man

Even the bears will believe


I'm out in the prime cut

of the big green.

Behind me is Ed and Rowdy, members

of an up-and-coming subadult gang.

They're challenging everything,

including me. Goes with the territory. If I

show weakness, if I retreat,

I may be hurt, I may be killed.

I must hold my own if I'm gonna stay

within this land. For once

there is weakness, they will exploit it, they will

take me out, they will

decapitate me, they will chop me into bits and pieces.


I'm dead. But so far, I persevere.

Persevere. Most times

I'm a kind warrior out here. Most times,

I am gentle, I am like a flower, I'm like...

I'm like a fly on the wall,

observing, noncommittal,


in any way. Occasionally

I am challenged.


And in that case, the kind warrior

must, must, must become a samurai.



(Timothy Treadwell's words from the opening of Grizzly Man, formatted into a poem.)