All knowledge is worth having.

It's been exactly one year since I last posted.

I've read a lot of books in that time. More than 50, actually.

One of those books is Kushiel's Dart, the first in a fantasy trilogy. I read the eBook version, which was a good thing for three reasons:

  1.  It was much lighter than a physical copy (which clocks in at almost a thousand pages!).
  2.  I had to look up a word on practically every page (Is It French Or Is It An Archaic Poetic Term? The Drinking Game).
  3.  The existing covers are wildly embarrassing to be seen with. Kushiel's Dart is a rich and complex fantasy, with a fully realized world and intricate threads of politics woven throughout. At best, the covers make it look like a romance novel. At worst, a much saucier romp. I don't have a problem with either genre, but the current covers don't do this book justice.

So I made a new cover.

Since the red spot in Phèdre's eye is such a prominent feature (it's practically its own character), I wanted the cover to reflect that. I also settled on two contrasting landscapes that embody the book best: the soft, lush backdrop of Phèdre's homeland, Terre D'Ange, and the stark, perpetual winter of Skaldia. Phèdre is represented by the doe, and her perfect companion, Joscelin, by the raven. With each sequel, the two landscapes can be swapped out with other settings we're introduced to (La Serenissima, Menekhet, etc).

A closer look:

This was my first book cover redesign, but definitely not my last. I'm working on more things like this, so fingers crossed that my next post isn't on February 16, 2017.